6 tips on how to improve your climbing


Climbing is a challenging aspect of cycling that requires both physical and mental strength. Whether you’re training for a mountainous race or simply looking to improve your climbing abilities, there are several strategies that can help you become a stronger climber.

  1. Lose Weight

One of the most effective ways to improve your climbing is to reduce your overall weight. The less weight you have to carry up a hill, the easier it will be to climb. This doesn’t mean you need to go on an extreme diet, but making healthy choices and shedding a few pounds can make a noticeable difference in your climbing performance.

  1. Build Endurance

Climbing is all about endurance, so it’s important to train your body to handle long, sustained efforts. Incorporate longer rides into your training program, gradually increasing the length and intensity of your climbs over time. Building endurance takes time, so be patient and stay consistent with your training.

  1. Improve Your Power-to-Weight Ratio

While reducing your overall weight is important, improving your power-to-weight ratio is equally important. This means increasing your power output while maintaining a healthy weight. To improve your power, focus on interval training and strength training exercises like squats and lunges.

  1. Practice Your Climbing Technique

Climbing technique can make a big difference in your performance. Focus on keeping your upper body relaxed and your core engaged. Shift your weight forward and keep your pedals turning smoothly. Practice climbing in and out of the saddle to develop a versatile technique that can adapt to different terrain.

  1. Train on Similar Terrain

If you’re preparing for a specific race or event, try to train on terrain that is similar to the course. This will help you become familiar with the type of climbing you’ll encounter and develop the specific skills needed to tackle those climbs.

  1. Mental Preparation

Climbing can be mentally challenging, so it’s important to prepare yourself mentally as well as physically. Visualize yourself successfully completing a climb and focus on positive self-talk to keep yourself motivated. Set small goals along the way, such as reaching a certain landmark or completing a certain distance, to help you stay focused and motivated.

Improving your climbing abilities takes time and dedication, but with consistent training and a focus on technique and mental preparation, you can become a stronger, more confident climber. Remember to listen to your body and adjust your training as needed, and consider consulting with a GFNY coach before beginning any new training program.